Putting it all together.

Whew, Instructional Design Essentials is over! The time flew by so quickly, and I wish I’d had more time to dig into the content during the four weeks that the course was live, but I’m looking forward to taking closer looks at our readings and getting to that critical pedagogy component I was really psyched about but didn’t really get a chance to explore. I’ve summarized my plan for approaching the one-credit course I taught this past semester were I to teach it again. Here’s what I’ve been working on. Continue reading “Putting it all together.”

Contextualizing my #IDE16ALA

This week’s focus for #IDE16ALA is situating what we’ll be learning in a particular teaching context–past, present, or future. Something I’m admittedly weak on and would like to improve is taking a programmatic approach to info lit instruction. I got a taste of the course approach to info lit this semester, where I cotaught an 8-week course geared toward providingĀ supplemental research help for a group of students working on a term paper for another class.

I found teaching this course a challenge, truth be told, partially because I never felt it was MY class and partially because I’d never taught more than two info lit classes meant to build off of each other. So I thought I’d take on that experience and break it down in order to analyze what I might do to improve that experience, both for myself, my coteacher, and my students, in the future.

I’m working off of L. Dee Fink’s A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant LearningĀ (p. 7) to situate my teaching learning/context. Continue reading “Contextualizing my #IDE16ALA”