The Reference Challenge of the Week provides a physical and virtual space for UNC Chapel Hill students to submit their craziest, most bizarro questions (like Q: Why is it that sometimes if I think about a particular word too long or say it too many times in a row, it stops sounding correct (and I start questioning my sanity)?) and have them answered, seriously and with proper references, by Undergraduate Library graduate assistants and librarians. It’s a way for the UL to show the transferable nature of info lit skills in the real world, and it provided an authentic way for LIS students to hone their reference skills.

This was a really fun project that just sort of came together because a few people were interested in making it happen. Working in that team gave me an opportunity to write my first formal project proposal for admin approval, think pragmatically about library as space (e.g. where the heck do we place the display??), and mix two of my greatest loves: creative writing and research. You can check out one of my pieces here.