UNC Infographic

One of the projects I worked on for UNC’s Undergraduate Library in summer 2014 was this infographic to display alongside University Library materials during student orientation fairs.

unc infographic: what can UNC libraries do for you?

My original idea for the infographic was to point out some of the top resources the libraries have to offer, but after speaking with my then-supervisor decided to go with a more evidence-based approach that discusses the outcomes of using library resources in general. I’m happy with the turn the project took. Students know what the library contains, and if they don’t initially know about everything they can get from the library, it’s likely that they’ll learn about our resources over time. What students don’t know, though, is why they should use the library’s resources in the first place.

Giving real data and statistics legitimizes library use, and delivering that information in an attractive way brought a good amount of attention to the University Libraries’ booth and the part the library plays in student achievement. While I’m by no means an expert in creating infographics (and even today, a couple of years later, I definitely see some things that could stand some improvement), this project boosted my confidence in my ability to combine the practical and the creative–something I strive to do in my work, and particularly in my instruction. It also (quite flatteringly!) branded me as one of the go-to staff members at the UL for any class or individual wanting a lesson on creating impactful infographics.