Information Literacy Libguide

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In the Spring 2016 semester, I took on the task of “renovating” D’Amour Library’s Information Literacy libguide aimed toward faculty. The library had recently moved to Libguides 2.0, and a total university website revamp gave us a reason to evaluate the library’s web presence. It seemed like an opportune time to revisit this guide, which had grown large and unmanageable over time (as Libguides tend to do).

My main objective with the revamp was to take the good things the guide had to offer and streamline them to make the page more usable, and even more importantly more appealing, to the faculty visiting it. Having 13 tabs with often repeating content wasn’t cutting it. Working off of principles from Jason Puckett’s Modern Pathfinders: Creating Better Research Guides, I added simple images, reworked jargon and language, clustered like information, added context to any links, and removed instances of over-informing. The statistics provided by Libguides proved useful as well; knowing that our page on creating innovative research assignments was by far the one faculty most frequently visited was instrumental for making decisions about content to prioritize. I believe the final product highlights the best of D’Amour’s IL instruction program and makes the concept more approachable and less overwhelming to non-librarians.