Information Literacy by Design

information literacy by design

As my master’s thesis for UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Sciences, I undertook a project to examine ways to make lesson design more approachable for new library instructors. I adapted Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design (UbD) to create a lesson design template customized to the needs of library instructors for UNC’s Undergraduate Library, who teach information literacy sessions for the university’s first-year writing program. I designed documentation for the Information Literacy by Design (ILbD) template that provided opportunities for instructors to read more about core principles of UbD as well as see the template in action as real lesson plans. You can visit the project here and read more about the rationale and process behind creating ILbD here.

This is the project that keeps on giving! my thesis advisor and I presented on ILbD and its particular utility for untangling the ACRL Framework at the LOEX 2015 Fall Focus, and we’re hoping to publish in the near future. Over a year later, ILbD is still used to supplement the instruction training of developing info lit instructors at the UL, and it played a part in the development of another student’s master’s thesis. It has also been adapted by other institutions; ILbD comprises a part of the St. Mary’s College of Maryland IL Instruction Toolkit.