Bob Videos

screenshot from "starting your search in the right place" video

The Bob videos explain key concepts of research and information literacy and are designed to be used by library instructors to set the stage for further learning within a lesson. What sets these videos apart is their narrative, storytelling approach and their conceptual, rather than procedural, content. While many research tutorials discuss research as simply a series of steps to be completed, the Bob videos set out to set straight misconceptions and talk about the bigger picture of research. And they’re done in a typical “explainer video” fashion–informative, yet pretty entertaining.

While I can’t take credit for the premise of these videos–all of that goes to Julia Feerrar, another Undergrad Library alum–I did get to flex my creative + info lit muscles yet again when I was passed the torch once Julia graduated. Scripting was a joint effort between me and my supervisor Jonathan McMichael, visuals were done by me in Prezi with some handmade images from Adobe Illustrator, narration was by Jonathan, and I put it all together in iMovie. These videos were made completely from scratch, and I picked up a bunch of technical skills from this project–not to mention a new appreciation for all of the work that goes into creating even a 3-minute video and how economical one has to be with words in that short amount of time.

Watch all of the Bob videos here (under Research Basics). I worked on Starting Your Search in the Right Place and Recognizing the Potential in Your Search Results.